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Hardware Blog Posts

alwaysAI Now Supports the Popular OAK Cameras

By Komal Devjani Apr 02, 2021
We now support OAK cameras, by Luxonics, including on-device inferencing, spatial AI, and custom model creation.

Solving Logistic Problems with Computer Vision: a Case Study

By Stephanie Casola Oct 22, 2020
We are excited to highlight our user Abhijeet Bhatikar who is using alwaysAI as part of his project for the OpenCV Spatial AI Competition.

Develop Computer Vision Applications for the Edge effortlessly

By Scott Miller Sep 23, 2020
Find out about the many hurdles of developing computer vision applications for the edge and how alwaysAI is simplifying this process.

Computer Vision on the Edge

By Lila Mullany Sep 22, 2020
Investigate the challenges and solutions in developing and deploying computer vision applications, as well as the benefits of edge deployment.

alwaysAI Announces Exciting New Features

By Stephanie Casola Jul 17, 2020
If you haven’t already started thinking about building computer vision into your products, now is the time. Exciting new features!

How to Get Started with the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 on alwaysAI

By Taiga Ishida May 06, 2020
Get started with alwaysAI on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and improve your inferencing time at the edge.

Tracking Raspberry Pi Internal Temperatures in Computer Vision Apps

By Lila Mullany Mar 24, 2020
Track Raspberry Pi internal temperatures, enabling you to power down applications before overheating, and restart after sufficient cooling.

Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4

By Eric VanBuhler Feb 04, 2020
Raspberry Pi 3B+ Raspberry Pi 4 are ubiquitous among the hobbyist community. Here's what you need to get your edge computer vision project running!

Getting Started with the Jetson Nano using alwaysAI

By Andres Ulloa Feb 03, 2020
The Jetson Nano is a powerful compactly-packaged AI accelerator that allows you to run intensive models with shorter inference time.

alwaysAI Technical Requirements Overview

By Jason Koo Jan 15, 2020
Our dev platform fast-tracks the creation and deployment of computer vision applications on edge devices, making it easy to start building CV apps.

Using Pose Estimation and Object Detection to Rescue the Elderly

By Vikram Gupta Dec 11, 2019
Learn how we combined the Qualcomm® Robotics RB3 platform, our computer vision developer platform, and the Object Detection demo elderly care robot.

How to Boost Performance on an Edge Device

By Steve Griset Oct 09, 2019
We'll show you the steps to boost the performance of your edge device. You'll need a hardware accelerator supported by alwaysAI.

Finding Things in an Image in Real Time on the Edge

By Jason Koo Oct 04, 2019
Computer vision with Object detection devices means deploying straight onto SoC environments where processing happens directly on the the cloud.

Installing the alwaysAI Computer Vision Platform on Raspberry Pi

By Steve Griset Aug 28, 2019
Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive way to prototype and pilot deep learning computer vision on the edge with the alwaysAI Computer Vision platform.

Using Object Detection on IoT Devices

By Nichole Peterson Aug 27, 2019
Computer Vision is the part of AI that enables computers to analyze visual data and make decisions based on what they “see.”