Easily give your IoT device intelligent sight

unleash the power of deep learning computer vision

A complete developer platform for computer vision on the edge

alwaysAI provides developers a simple and easy-to-use platform for building and deploying deep learning computer vision applications on embedded devices. We provide pre-trained models, a development virtual machine and simple APIs to help you quickly enable core CV services like object detection, classification, tracking, counting and facial recognition.

The power of deep learning computer vision on the edge

alwaysAI makes developing and deploying computer vision applications easy, affordable and untethered from the cloud

Drive new value across a wide variety of embedded “IoT” endpoints and industries, like:


Smart Cameras
Medical Devices



Developer First

We agree that artificial intelligence will change the technology landscape. It’s already happening. And it is computer vision, in particular, that will unleash a huge array of new enterprise applications and customer value. It is computer vision that will help us better understand and act on our environment.

However, developing and deploying CV is highly complex and currently relegated to academics and specialists. We want to broaden its use and impact. Therefore, everything we do is focused on making CV simple and affordable for the developer.

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