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The Business of Computer Vision: Industry 4.0

By Marty Beard Sep 03, 2021

Computer Vision AI Impacts Industry 4.0

Follow along as alwaysAI Co-Founder and CEO, Marty Beard, discusses how Computer Vision improves productivity and safety of industrial manufacturing. 

Computer Vision's Impact on the Value Chain

Today we are seeing Computer Vision greatly improve the value chain for industrial manufacturing companies. From supply and materials management to manufacturing and delivery, Edge CV is playing a powerful role. Many refer to this as Industry 4.0.

Ways Computer Vision is impacting the value chain:

  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing accuracy and throughput
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Warehouse management
  • Packaging and delivery

The Effects of COVID-19 on Manufacturing

In 2020-21, we saw a huge disruption to supply chains and labor markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This rapidly increased the need for automation. As labor was disrupted, and as demand continued to increase globally for goods and services, manufacturers felt the pressure to move faster and efficiently. Better technology became more critical than ever before. Now, with the rise of Computer Vision, manufacturers have improved their bottom line and produce quicker and more efficiently, with as high quality as possible.  

There is an increased need for:

  • Robotics development
  • Production speed
  • Anomaly detection
  • Preventative maintenance (catch equipment failures before they break)
  • Monitor packaging standards and barcode analysis

Computer Vision can see a problem before it occurs (e.g decay in assets), and can monitor the health of equipment much more efficiently than the human eye. CV can also provide real-time alerts that enable managers to take action before equipment breaks, or damage occurs. 

Computer Vision Detects Equipment Failures Before They Break

Computer Vision can also increase the health and safety of your labor force by monitoring dangerous work zones.

Several ways computer vision increases the safety of your labor force:

  • Monitor personnel locations for restricted access
  • Compliance with PPE protocols
  • Following the right safety training
  • Audits manufacturing processes and safety standard compliance
alwaysAI Provides Enterprises a Platform to Create Smart Manufacturing Solutions

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By Marty Beard Sep 03, 2021