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First alwaysAI Quarterly Update of 2021

By Marty Beard Feb 11, 2021
In 2021, we raised over $9M in funding and expanded our investor base. In addition, we created new plans for businesses to democratize the use of CV.

Hacky Hour 25: How to Build a Customized Video Streamer with alwaysAI

By Komal Devjani Feb 09, 2021
Demo of streaming technologies, using the alwaysAI streamer and MjpegVideoWriter, and using ZeroMQ and MJPEG streaming with alwaysAI. 

Hacky Hour 24: Open Office Hour 1/28/21

By Komal Devjani Jan 29, 2021
Ask us questions about setting up an edge device, building a CV application, or general inquiries related to computer vision and alwaysAI!

Hacky Hour 23: Open Office Hour 1/21/21

By Komal Devjani Jan 25, 2021
Our community asks questions about setting up an edge device, building a CV application, or general inquiries related to computer vision and alwaysAI!

Hacky Hour 22: Classifying with Pose Estimation & Support Vector…

By Komal Devjani Jan 20, 2021
A demo on how to develop a Yoga trainer using techniques to classify poses with human pose estimation and support vector machines.

A Note From Our Co-Founder & CEO, Marty Beard

By Marty Beard Jan 15, 2021
alwaysAI has now raised a total of over $9M and expanded our investor base - an ideal amount of capital and support to take the company to the next level.

New Subscriptions for Our Growing Community

By Marty Beard Jan 13, 2021
We are excited to offer new subscription plans to help developers create, deploy and benefit from the non-stop computer vision innovation.

Hacky Hour 20: Hacky Hour Trivia

By Komal Devjani Dec 28, 2020
Test your Hacky Hour knowledge on alwaysAI and computer vision!

Hacky Hour 18, 19, & 21: Identify a Package at the DoorStep

By Komal Devjani Dec 21, 2020
A demo on how to quickly generate a dataset, and train a model using alwaysAI.

alwaysAI Model Training Toolkit: Now Available on the Desktop

By Todd Gleed Dec 17, 2020
Train your own models using the alwaysAI Model Training Toolkit. Also offering data-collection and organization to model deployment and maintenance.

Anatomy of a Successful Computer Vision Project

By Komal Devjani Dec 08, 2020
4 key measures an engineer can take to ensure the delivery of a successful Computer Vision project

Work with Semantic Segmentation from within the Terminal

By Lila Mullany Dec 07, 2020
Work with semantic segmentation from the command line and get better results!

Hacky Hour 17: Build a Virtual Green Screen with Semantic Segmentation

By Komal Devjani Dec 07, 2020
Today we showed how users can build their own virtual green screen using the alwaysAI platform

Webinar Highlights - Computer Vision is Changing the World

By Komal Devjani Dec 05, 2020
A Computer Vision Webinar featuring alwaysAI CEO, Marty Beard, Marcos Barrera, of Seafloor Systems and Leo Cohen, of Editek.

Getting Started with alwaysAI Model Training

By Steve Bottos Nov 25, 2020
alwaysAI’s Model Training tool is now integrated with a Jupyter Notebook interface. Get started!

Deploying on Multiple Jetson Devices with balenaEtcher

By Komal Devjani Nov 23, 2020
David Tischler returned to Hacky Hour this week to highlight how developers can deploy computer vision applications on multiple NVIDIA Jetson devices.

Hacky Hour 15: Making Sense of the RealSense

By Komal Devjani Nov 17, 2020
Making Sense of the RealSense showed how to use a human pose model along with the RealSense camera to track limb motion in 3D space.

Halloween, but Make It Socially-Distanced

By Lila Mullany Oct 28, 2020
Have a fun and socially-distanced Halloween using computer vision applications.

Solving Logistic Problems with Computer Vision: a Case Study

By Stephanie Casola Oct 22, 2020
We are excited to highlight our user Abhijeet Bhatikar who is using alwaysAI as part of his project for the OpenCV Spatial AI Competition.

alwaysAI Model Training Toolkit Tutorial

By Andres Ulloa Oct 09, 2020
With the alwaysAI Model Training toolkit, you can create a custom object detection model with little experience and no coding.