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Automatic Fall Detection Using Computer Vision

By Liz Oz • Jun 07, 2022

Computer vision fall detection apps using pose estimation are trained to detect peoples' movements and body poses, sending out alerts when someone falls.

Hacky Hour 38: NVIDIA Jetson JetPack 4.6 support with alwaysAI edgeIQ

By Liz Oz • Mar 31, 2022

This Hacky Hour was packed with excitement! We reviewed the new features of NVIDIA Jetson Jetpack 4.6, and announced the release of awaysAI's edgeIQ 1.8.0.

Cloud Model Training Webinar: Train in the Cloud, Run on the Edge

By Liz Oz • Aug 18, 2021

Customers can now use our cloud model training server to train a model and deploy it onto edge devices with the alwaysAI platform!

Solving Logistic Problems with Computer Vision: a Case Study

By Stephanie Casola • Oct 22, 2020

We are excited to highlight our user Abhijeet Bhatikar who is using alwaysAI as part of his project for the OpenCV Spatial AI Competition.

Develop Computer Vision Applications for the Edge effortlessly

By Scott Miller • Sep 23, 2020

Find out about the many hurdles of developing computer vision applications for the edge and how alwaysAI is simplifying this process.

Computer Vision on the Edge

By Lila Mullany • Sep 22, 2020

Investigate the challenges and solutions in developing and deploying computer vision applications, as well as the benefits of edge deployment.

Computer Vision on Edge Vs. Cloud

By Komal Devjani • May 12, 2020

Outlining the advantages of edge computing over cloud computing. An edge-based platform like alwaysAI enables easy deployment of Computer Vision.

Deploying computer vision applications with Balena and alwaysAI

By Jason Koo • May 05, 2020

How-to guide on preparing your alwaysAI application for deploying with balena easily and quickly.

Transform Your Business With Computer Vision

By Marty Beard • Mar 23, 2020

Technical challenges and skill sets have made computer vision out of reach for the average user...until now. Learn about alwaysAI's 5 step development journey.

How to Recognize Human Activity and Pose Estimation Using alwaysAI

By Andres Ulloa • Feb 14, 2020

Learn how we used alwaysAI computer vision to create an application that can determine pose estimation and human activity.

It's Time to Focus on Computer Vision

By Marty Beard • Feb 04, 2020

The future of computer vision is undeniable and brighter than ever. Read to learn why we're excited.

alwaysAI Technical Requirements Overview

By Jason Koo • Jan 15, 2020

Our dev platform fast-tracks the creation and deployment of computer vision applications on edge devices, making it easy to start building CV apps.

Using Object Detection on IoT Devices

By Nichole Peterson • Aug 27, 2019

Computer vision is the part of AI that enables computers to analyze visual data and make decisions based on what they “see.”

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