alwaysAI’s Computer Vision Platform

The most extensive models, apps, and APIs in the market. Easy deployment. Seamless integration. Unprecedented analytics.

How It Works

alwaysAI Simplifies Computer Vision So You Can Focus on the Real-Time Insights We Deliver

alwaysAI is an extraordinary end-to-end computer vision platform. Our comprehensive set of tools – like advanced APIs, user-friendly data set management, and convenient remote deployment – eliminate the complexity of computer vision without sacrificing functionality. Extract the data you need from your existing cameras in real-time.


Collect and Upload Your Data

Collect images or videos from deployment location and upload to alwaysAI.

Annotate Your Data

Highlight and label objects or items you would like to detect.
Model Training Icon

Train Your Model

Train your model based on your annotated dataset.
Develop Your App

Develop Your App

Develop your application using our Python library of APIs, EdgeIQ.
Deploy App

Deploy Application

Deploy your application to the edge or the cloud.

Run-time Inferencing

Begin processing the incoming data from your deployed application.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time data from your application sent to alwaysAI’s console.

Dataset Management

Streamline Data Collection and Processing

Capture and organize data critical to your business. Annotate new or existing data in one remarkably convenient, centralized tool. Don’t have enough data? No problem. Leverage our synthetic data capabilities to optimize applications.

Straightforward Tagging and Collection

Audit and analyze your image data with maximum efficiency.

Enhanced Annotation Tools

Quickly create, edit, and annotate data with unparalleled precision.

Seamless Integration

Import datasets from CVAT or others to accelerate your data pipeline to model training.

Model Training

Flexible Model Training for Diverse Use Cases

YOLO by alwaysAI delivers the best model architectures for real-world deployments, streamlining and simplifying model training. Achieve higher performance for optimized deployment and maintenance of your applications. Our extensive catalog of pre-trained, pre-optimized models get you up and running quickly.

Apps & APIs

Incredibly Robust Apps and APIs

alwaysAI removes the complexity of developing and deploying computer vision with a clean CLI and powerful EdgeIQ library of APIs that are highly adaptable to meet a variety of business needs. Our sophisticated deep learning algorithms improve over time to deliver truly state-of-the-art results.

alwaysAI Smart Retail

  • People Counting
  • Drive-Thru Analytics
  • Convenient Queuing
  • Smart Checkout

alwaysAI Smart Manufacturing

  • Smart Package Tracking
  • Smart Defect Detection
  • Smart Safety Alerts
  • Volumetric Space Detection

alwaysAI Smart Construction

  • Smart Safety Alerts
  • Materials Delivery Notifications
  • People Counting & Confined Space Monitoring
  • Progress Tracking

alwaysAI Smart Venues

  • Convenient Queuing
  • Smart Sponsorship
  • Smart Safety Alerts
  • Smart Demographics

Don't see your industry? alwaysAI is expanding the reach of computer vision into even more verticals. Schedule a call to discuss your needs. Speak to an AI Expert.

alwaysAI's 85 Starter Apps

For single use cases, check out our catalog of popular starter apps.

QR Code Detector

Capacity Detection

Face Detector

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Object Detection

Object Tracking

Object Counting

Package Detection

Pose Estimation

Barcode Detector

QR Code Detector

Capacity Detection

Face Detector

View All 85 Starter Apps

Object Detection

Object Tracking

Object Counting

Package Detection

Powerful Python APIs for Ultimate Flexibility

Leverage alwaysAI’s extensive EdgeIQ library of APIs to create computer vision applications that deliver the real-time results you need.


Convenient Remote Deployment to the Edge or Cloud

As a leading end-to-end computer vision platform, alwaysAI offers highly-flexible deployment capabilities. Easily deploy computer vision applications on-site or remotely to unleash world-class intelligence. Built to scale. Built to impress.

Powerful Features Make Deployment With alwaysAI Simple

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Device Provisioning

alwaysAI allows you to provision all your devices in a secure and scalable manner to get you up and running fast.

Layer 2-3

Application Management

Send and manage updates to your application easily and simply from our dashboard.


Push to the Cloud

Collaborate with team members, control multiple versions of your application and access your data from any location.


Push Apps to Multiple Devices

alwaysAI allows you to configure and deploy your applications to one or many devices simultaneously for ultimate convenience.


View Application Logs

Access and view your application logs to check the status of your application to easily troubleshoot issues.


Device Statistics

Understand your device performance with user-friendly device stats like disc utilization and memory usage.

Layer 2-4

Current Performance

Get a comprehensive view of your application’s overall performance to optimize and troubleshoot accordingly.

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Remote Access to Device

alwaysAI allows you to manage your devices remotely for complete control 24/7.

Layer 2-5

Data Encrypted in Transit

Whether you deploy to an on-premise server, edge device, or the cloud, all data is encrypted to ensure world-class security.

Layer 2-6

Automatic Starting on Boot

Accidents (power outages, technical glitches, human errors) happen. Automatic reboot ensures a quick recovery.

Professional Services

Overwhelmed? We’ll Do It for You.

Regardless of your level of technical know-how, we want everyone to experience the value of computer vision. Our team of machine learning experts can build custom applications for you. Whatever level of support you need, at any step in the process, we can provide it.


Seamless Integration Across Devices

Easily integrate with the most trusted cameras, analytics dashboards, and business intelligence solutions.


Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

The alwaysAI analytics dashboard is not only easy to integrate with the analytics tools you’re already using but also easy to navigate. Manage and access the critical insights you need to transform your business.

Drive More Real-Time Intelligence and Higher ROI in Your Business