alwaysAI + Balena

alwaysAI is a powerful platform for training, building, and deploying Computer Vision applications on the Edge.

With Balena, developers can leverage Balena’s fleet management software and deploy Computer Vision applications on multiple Edge devices with the click of a button.

Together, alwaysAI and Balena expedite the process of developing and deploying Computer Vision for a variety of IoT use cases.

What is Balena?

Balena is a complete set of tools for building, deploying, and managing fleets of connected Linux devices. Providing infrastructure for fleet owners so they can focus on developing their applications and growing their fleets with as little friction as possible.

Balena is a container engine built for embedded and IoT use cases and compatible with Docker containers. Balena’s fleet management software that can help developers deploy computer vision applications on multiple Edge devices at once.


Web-based platform for managing fleets of connected IoT devices


Open-source software to manage IoT devices


Minimal Linux-based operating system built to run on embedded devices


Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives


A container Engine designed for IoT, based on Moby Technology from Docker


A carrier board for the Raspberry Pi Computer Module


Deploying with Balena

This short guide will show you how to combine alwaysAI and Balena to easily deploy a Computer Vision application to multiple devices with a single command.

Balena IoT Happy Hour #8: Intro to alwaysAI

alwaysAI will show you how easy it is to deploy machine learning and Computer Vision applications on Edge devices.

Deploy alwaysAI on Multiple Edge Devices with Balena

Learn how to deploy alwaysAI Computer Vision applications on multiple Edge devices.