Model Training Toolkit available now!

Model training is the #1 most requested feature from our users, so we are very happy to introduce the Model Training Toolkit, which integrates seamlessly with the alwaysAI workflow. Get started today in three easy steps: 1) Collect Data, 2) Annotate Data, 3) Train your model.
Marty Beard, CEO of alwaysAI, presenting Model Training Toolkit
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alwaysAI's first official hackathon occurred in our hometown at the University of California, San Diego's Price center, where several hundred students participated in this 2-day hybrid hardware/software event.
Hack SC (USC)Hack SC (USC)Hack SC (USC)
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Hack SC (USC)
Nearly a thousand people attended the University of Southern California's exciting annual 36-hour hackathon, sponsored and supported by alwaysAI.
TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)
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TreeHacks (Stanford)
alwaysAI proudly sponsored TreeHacks 2020. More than a thousand participants packed every floor of Stanford's Huang Engineering building during this annual 3-day event.
Past Webinars & Workshops
Computer Vision is Changing the World
Join our CEO, Marty Beard, with Lead Robotics and AI Researcher at Seafloor Systems, Marcos Barrera, and Co-founder & Managing Partner at Editek, Leo Cohen, to discuss computer vision and how it is dramatically improving customer insights and competitive advantage for businesses around the world.
December 1, 2020
Virtual workshop co-hosted with EyeCloud
Join us on September 30th for this exciting virtual workshop and learn how to easily deploy a computer vision application into production using alwaysAI and OpenNCC.
September 30, 2020
Computer Vision with NVIDIA Jetson™ and alwaysAI webinar
In this webinar on September 17th, Eric VanBuhler, Software Engineer at alwaysAI, will walk you through how to use tools and pre-trained models from alwaysAI to quickly develop and deploy computer vision applications in Python on the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform.
September 17, 2020
Computer Vision Model Training Made Easy!
Learn how to train your own AI models and deploy on the edge. Experience in data science or machine learning is not required for this webinar. Led by Todd Gleed, Product Manager at alwaysAI.
August 26, 2020
Computer Vision on Depth Cameras: Spatial AI
In joint conversation with the CEO of OpenCV, Satya Mallick and the CTO of alwaysAI, Steven Griset, this webinar covers the applications and mechanisms of deploying computer vision on depth cameras such as the Intel RealSense camera and the OpenCV Depth camera kit.
July 1, 2020
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