Computer Vision Model Training Made Easy! Webinar on August 26th

Learn how to train your own AI models and deploy on the edge. Experience in data science or machine learning is not required for this webinar. Led by Todd Gleed, Product Manager at alwaysAI.
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alwaysAI's first official hackathon occurred in our hometown at the University of California, San Diego's Price center, where several hundred students participated in this 2-day hybrid hardware/software event.
Hack SC (USC)Hack SC (USC)Hack SC (USC)
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Hack SC (USC)
Nearly a thousand people attended the University of Southern California's exciting annual 36-hour hackathon, sponsored and supported by alwaysAI.
TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)TreeHacks (Stanford)
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TreeHacks (Stanford)
alwaysAI proudly sponsored TreeHacks 2020. More than a thousand participants packed every floor of Stanford's Huang Engineering building during this annual 3-day event.
Webinars & Workshops
Computer Vision on Depth Cameras: Spatial AI
In joint conversation with the CEO of OpenCV, Satya Mallick and the CTO of alwaysAI, Steven Griset, this webinar covers the applications and mechanisms of deploying computer vision on depth cameras such as the Intel RealSense camera and the OpenCV Depth camera kit.
July 1, 2020
How to Recognize Human Activity Using Pose Estimation
alwaysAI’s, Head of Product, Scott Miller, highlighted the top use cases for human pose estimation which include fall detection, patient monitoring, and gait analysis. Over 400 attendees RSVPed to this virtual workshop.
May 20, 2020
Computer Vision on the Edge
CTO of alwaysAI Steve Griset, demonstrated how developers can develop and deploy Object Detection APIs locally on a Mac or PC, or on an ARM32 or ARM64 edge devices such as a Raspberry Pi or a NVIDIA Jetson Nano.
April 22, 2020
Nvidia GTC
Nvidia GTC
alwaysAI's Senior Developer Advocate, Jason Koo, presented the state of computer vision for Nvidia's first annual virtual version of their annual GTC conference.
March 21, 2020
More than 57,000 attendees flooded Las Vegas for Amazon’s annual week-long developer conference. alwaysAI partnered with both Qualcomm and AWS’s Robomaker groups to present an alwaysAI-powered RB3 robot at both of their booths.
Dec 2, 2020
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