Our mission is to unleash deep learning computer vision on the edge – where work and life happens – and to make this easy and affordable for the everyday developer.

We are a software company that gives intelligent sight to embedded and loT devices

We enable these devices to autonomously make smart decisions in real time, untethered from the cloud

Deep learning computer vision will change the world

Knowledge continues to get pushed further and further to the edge. We already live on our mobile devices, but now expect our ‘things’ to learn and act for us.

This demand for ‘autonomous’ knowledge – knowledge we didn’t ask for but was provided to us – will explode over the next decade.

Sensors, whether in a smart camera or wearable or drone or car or medical device, will increasingly provide that knowledge and unleash new layers of insight and data.

We’re on a mission to bring Deep Learning Computer Vision to the Edge.

We’ve built a team of seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about AI, deep learning and computer vision. We are working every day to produce a highly innovative and easy-to-use software platform for developers to build and deploy CV applications on the Edge – where work and life happens.

alwaysAI is located in San Diego, with our headquarters in the beautiful Solana Beach neighborhood.

We leverage San Diego’s incredible intersection of mobility, big data, and neuroscience communities – all critical to the future of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

And yes, we also like to surf the amazing waves on San Diego’s north coast

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for new talent in engineering, computer vision and business development roles.