alwaysAI end-to-end platform:

The alwaysAI Computer Vision platform provides everything you need to build, train, and deploy Computer Vision applications on the Edge.

See what your customers are doing in real-time
Leverage vision and machine learning in new and exciting ways
Track and audit critical work processes
Leapfrog the competition with computer vision
Improve the health & safety of your work environment
Gather unique insights into customer buying behavior
Optimize the production and delivery of your products
Easily collaborate with teammates and partners
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How our pricing works:

The alwaysAI platform fee includes access for multiple developers to create, deploy, and maintain Computer Vision applications. The platform includes access to all alwaysAI edgeIQ APIs currently offered, as well as upcoming API releases, the alwaysAI deployment engine, the alwaysAI Model Training Toolkit, and alwaysAI cloud training. As a platform subscriber, Premium support is included which ensures rapid response, dedicated ticketing, as well as guaranteed maintenance.

Platform Capabilites

Deep Model Catalogue

  • Public modelsEasy access to a large collection of high-quality, pre-trained, open-source models effective for most use cases.
  • Private modelsUsers can upload models, built in several popular frameworks, to their projects and for their use only.

Easy model training

  • Model Training ToolkitIntegrated model retraining and optimization tools allow users to retrain specific models from the alwaysAI catalog on new datasets for use with alwaysAI applications.
  • Model FrameworksTrain models from several key frameworks including YOLOv3, Mobilenetv1SSD, and ResnetFasterRCNN.

Powerful APIs and starter apps

  • CV CategoriesSupport for all major computer vision categories like object detection, facial detection, pose estimation, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, etc.
  • Starter AppsLarge collection of starter applications that combine the best open-source models with relevant core CV categories to get you going immediately.

Deploy and run on wide range of IoT devices

  • Development DevicesEnables application prototyping and testing on development boards (like Raspberry Pis)
  • Production DevicesEnables application deployment onto a wide variety of production-ready edge devices, on-premise or in the cloud; these apps can also be updated and models retrained while in production.

CV and Machine Learning experts

  • Premium SupportIncludes everything in Standard support plus a guaranteed response time of 24 hours
  • Professional Services Get application development help from an expert machine learning engineer.
  • 20,000+ CommunityEngage with a wide variety of enterprise developers through our Discord channel, Hacky Hours, etc.

Deep Model Catalogue

  • UsersWhether you are just getting started or ready to add team members to your project, we scale as your organization grows.
  • Additional DevelopersAdd developers to your team for collaboration.
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