Our mission is to unleash deep learning computer vision on the edge – where work and life happens – and to make this easy and affordable for the everyday developer.

We are a software company that gives intelligent sight to embedded and loT devices

We enable these devices to autonomously make smart decision in real time, untethered from the cloud

Deep learning computer vision will change the world

Knowledge continues to get pushed further and further to the edge. We already live on our mobile devices, but now expect our ‘things’ to learn and act for us.

This demand for ‘autonomous’ knowledge – knowledge we didn’t ask for but was provided to us – will explode over the next decade.

Sensors, whether in a smart camera or wearable or drone or car or medical device, will increasingly provide that knowledge and unleash new layers of insight and data.

alwaysAI Founders

 Marty Beard

Co-Founder & CEO

25 years leading enterprise software and mobile organizations – both public and private, big and small.  Growth orientation.


  • Helped execute turn-around of BlackBerry (BB on NYSE) from money-losing smartphone manufacturer to profitable cybersecurity software company focused on securing the Enterprise of Things.
  • Rapidly grew Sybase 365 to over $260M, solidifying Sybase’s mobile enterprise leadership – a major contributor to SAP’s $6B cash acquisition of SY.
  • Pivoted LiveOps from a contact center agent outsourcing business to a cloud applications software businessreleased the market’s first integrated multichannel desktop
  • Loves to develop and market the vision, assemble great teams and execute high-quality offerings for customers and partners

Steve Griset

Co-Founder & CTO

25 years building innovative enterprise software and technology – mobile expert.  Innovation orientation.
  • Led R&D for Sybase 365, the global leader in mobile messaging – engineered its global network of over 900 carriers and drove its mobile commerce capabilities.
  • Drove R&D, product management and operations for LiveOps, a cloud applications software company – developed it’s award-winning LiveOps Engage product for contact centers.
  • Head of R&D for all contact center software, and created SaaS and PaaS products to facilitate Avaya’s turnaround.
  • Holds 2 core patents in Rich Communications Services (RCS)
  • Loves to engineer new technology and bring innovative software to market; builds amazing engineering teams and always focuses on delivering high-quality.

    We’re on a mission to bring Deep Learning Computer Vision to the Edge.

    We’ve built a team of seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about AI, deep learning and computer vision. We are working every day to produce a highly innovative and easy-to-use software platform for developers to build and deploy CV applications on the Edge – where work and life happens.

    alwaysAI is located in San Diego, with our headquarters in the beautiful Solana Beach neighborhood.

    We leverage San Diego’s incredible intersection of mobility, big data, and neuroscience communities – all critical to the future of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

    And yes, we also like to surf the amazing waves on San Diego’s north coast

    Join the alwaysAI team and apply today

    Thanks for your interest in alwasyAI. We are always looking for new talent across engineering, marketing, and sales. Send us your resume and let us know where you think you might fit in.

    Full Time - UX-DX Designer

    About Us

    alwaysAI is a software company located in San Diego bringing deep learning computer vision (CV) to the edge – where work and life happens. We make building and deploying CV applications on IoT (“edge”) devices easy and affordable for the enterprise developer.

    As a fast-growing, post-Series A startup, we are heavily focused on product innovation as well as growing our developer and partner communities. Our ground-breaking deep learning CV platform will launch in August, so now is the time to join this exciting adventure!


    As our Lead Designer, you will collaborate closely with product development and marketing to design a great user experience for developers using our platform, including our web application, command line interface and desktop application.

    Most likely, you’ve done this before – i.e., you’ve worked as a design lead on high-volume enterprise or consumer software products to deliver best-in-class user experiences and are on your way to becoming a “full stack” designer.  You are well versed in user-centered design principles and have a portfolio of projects to prove it. You are passionate about understanding the personas, use cases, goals and pain points of our target developers.

    Perhaps most importantly, you are excited about the potential of artificial intelligence, and computer vision in particular, and want to work with a dedicated group of San Diego technologists to make this new world come alive.


    • Conduct on-going user research to identify user goals, tasks, context and pain points to create and refine designs for specific personas.
    • Create wireframes, flow maps, information architecture diagrams, and prototypes to document and highlight user experiences.  Effectively present these flows at meetings, take in feedback and iterate as needed.
    • Balance user needs and business objectives as you develop and design – set realistic deadlines and meet them.
    • Partner with the marketing and sales organizations to build and sustain a vibrant developer community.


    • ‘Mid-career’ experience as a UX designer – i.e., at least 5+ years of in-house experience doing directly relevant work.
    • Strong portfolio of software design work – you can highlight how and where you contributed to the end product
    • Substantial experience developing wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes – you can take in feedback and visually iterate quickly and effectively.
    • Strong product sensibility


    • You have hands-on developer experience (DX) background
    • You have first-hand experience working with and developing machine learning/CV frameworks and techniques
    • You know the development community in San Diego and bring solid enterprise and partner contacts
    Intern - Computer Vision Models

    alwaysAI brings deep learning computer vision (CV) to embedded devices. We provide developers an easy-to-use platform to quickly build and deploy deep learning CV applications on “IoT” devices like cameras, drones, wearables, robots, and transportation units. We give‘intelligent sight’ to these devices and enable them to autonomously make smart decisions in real-time. 

    We are looking for a part-time intern to fill our Computer Vision Models internship position as soon as possible. The expected workload is 15 to 20 hours per week. The main responsibilities are outlined below:

    Add to our catalog of models

    • Identify new models that would add value to alwaysAI developer base
    • Secure necessary information from model owners/builders
    • Upload model files and curate model catalog


    • Introduce alwaysAI to universities and consultancies and key individuals
    • Help inform alwaysAI product for model builders
    • Help source models for specific projects 


    • Coursework or past experience in machine learning
    Start Date: ASAP

    Pay: Monthly stipend