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Lila Mullany Blog Posts

Using an Object Detection Model with A Classifier

By Lila Mullany Mar 02, 2020
This tutorial demonstrates how to easily modify existing apps offered with alwaysAI to use a classification model along with an object detection model.

Using Multiple Object Detection Models

By Lila Mullany Mar 04, 2020
This tutorial demonstrates how to easily modify an existing app offered with alwaysAI to run multiple object detection models.

Tracking Raspberry Pi Internal Temperatures in Computer Vision Apps

By Lila Mullany Mar 24, 2020
Track Raspberry Pi internal temperatures, enabling you to power down applications before overheating, and restart after sufficient cooling.

Create Your Own Virtual Green Screen

By Lila Mullany Apr 06, 2020
Learn how to create your own virtual green screen for video applications using semantic segmentation. You'll create a virtual green screen in minutes.

Smoothing Semantic Segmentation Edges

By Lila Mullany Apr 10, 2020
Smooth out blocky edges on coarse-grained semantic segmentation edges models.

Create Your Own Contraband Detector

By Lila Mullany Apr 14, 2020
Create an alwaysAI contraband detector for working and learning remotely, such as cell phones, headphones, and books.

Introduction to Computer Vision Model Training

By Lila Mullany Jun 08, 2020
Computer Vision model training. We show you different components of model training and how alwaysAI can help make this process simple and approachable.

Building and Deploying Apps on alwaysAI

By Lila Mullany Jul 07, 2020
An easy reference for building and deploying applications with various devices on the alwaysAI platform.

Using Pose Estimation on the Jetson Nano with alwaysAI

By Lila Mullany Jul 07, 2020
A how-to tutorial on using pose estimation on the Jetson Nano with alwaysAI.

Build Your Own Posture Corrector App with Pose Estimation

By Lila Mullany Jul 09, 2020
Learn how to build an app that uses pose estimation to build your posture fixer to remind you to sit up straight with a posture app

How to Build Your Own License Plate Detection Model

By Lila Mullany Aug 11, 2020
Tutorial on building a license plate detection model, starting with data collection, all the way through testing.

How to Build a License Plate Tracker with alwaysAI

By Lila Mullany Aug 12, 2020
Build your own license plate tracker using the license plate detection model.

Computer Vision on the Edge

By Lila Mullany Sep 22, 2020
Investigate the challenges and solutions in developing and deploying computer vision applications, as well as the benefits of edge deployment.

Halloween, but Make It Socially-Distanced

By Lila Mullany Oct 28, 2020
Have a fun and socially-distanced Halloween using computer vision applications.

Work with Semantic Segmentation from within the Terminal

By Lila Mullany Dec 07, 2020
Work with semantic segmentation from the command line and get better results!

Build a Vaccination Center Assistant with Computer Vision

By Lila Mullany May 06, 2021
Follow along and learn how our team built a vaccination center assistant with computer vision to improve the end-to-end process of getting vaccinated.

Hacky Hour Highlights 33: Exciting New Features

By Lila Mullany May 18, 2021
Learn about the latest release of the alwaysAI platform, including April Tags, Kalman Tracking, and other significant upgrades to our middleware.