Starter ApplicationsΒΆ

The alwaysAI platform provides you with these basic starter applications:

  • Hello World object detector

  • Age and gender classifier

  • Object detector and tracker

  • Face counter

  • Image classifier

  • Object detector

  • Real-time face detector

  • Real-time object detector

  • Real-time pose estimator

  • Object counter

  • Semantic segmentation with the VOC dataset

  • Semantic segmentation with the Cityscapes dataset

  • NVIDIA autonomous vehicle semantic segmentation (for use with the Jetson Nano)

  • NVIDIA real-time object detector (for use with the Jetson Nano)

To download all of the starter applications, simply run this command in your terminal after setting up your development computer:

$ aai get-starter-apps

Or click the button below:

Next, follow these instructions to learn how to deploy and run the alwaysAI starter apps.