CLI Commands

This section details the syntax and usage of the alwaysAI CLI. For details on prerequisites and how to install the CLI, please go here: Development Computer Setup

CLI Syntax

The general syntax for the alwaysAI CLI is:

aai <subcommand> [<options>]
  • subcommand: command to execute

  • options: optional flags

To print command usage in the terminal run aai --help or aai <subcommand> --help to get detailed usage for a subcommand. Many commands will interactively prompt the user for input where appropriate. If you want to skip interactive prompts (e.g. for scripting) you can pass in the --yes flag along with any required options.


  • app - Develop an alwaysAI application

    • configure - Configure this directory as an alwaysAI application

    • deploy - Deploy this application to the target directory

    • install- Install this application’s dependencies

    • exec - Run a command in the target directory

    • models - Manage this application’s models

      • add - Add model(s) to this application

      • remove - Remove model(s) from this application

      • search - Search models in the alwaysAI Cloud

      • show - Show this application’s “models” configuration

      • update - Update this application’s models to the latest versions

    • shell - Launch a bash shell in the target directory

    • show - Show this application’s configuration

    • start - Run this application’s “start” script on the target

  • user - Log in or log out of the alwaysAI Cloud

    • login - Log in to the alwaysAI Cloud

    • logout - Log out of the alwaysAI Cloud

    • show - Show the currently logged in user