Data Generation Starter Application

Generating Data is the first step in model building, and it can be accomplished in many ways. You can find more information about the different ways to gather data the Data Capture Guidelines document. The Data Generation starter app simplifies data collection and allows you to capture data directly from any platform that you can run alwaysAI on, including the edge device and camera pairing on which you be inferencing. This guide will walk you through the following steps:

  1. (Optional) Set Up the Project on the alwaysAI Dashboard

  2. Get the Sample App Code

  3. Configure the Local Directory

  4. Build and Start the Application

  5. (Optional) Configuration Options

1. Set Up the Project on alwaysAI

If you’d prefer to configure your app via the CLI, proceed to the next step. Navigate to and login, then proceed to your Dashboard.

i. Click ‘create new project’.

ii. Select ‘start from scratch’ and give your project a name. Then click ‘next’ to proceed.

iii. Do not choose to add a model. Finish creating your project and click on the link to your created project on the subsequent page.

See this page for the complete documentation on setting up projects in the dashboard.

2. Get the Sample App Code

i. Either clone or download the repository found on GitHub into a local directory where you’d like your app to run. This will be your project directory.

3. Configure the Local Directory

i. On your command line, navigate into the directory where the project code is located on your local computer.

ii. If you did not configure your project on the dashboard, simply enter aai app configure in the terminal and follow the prompts to create a new project. Otherwise, if you did create your project via the dashboard, you can enter aai app configure and use the arrows to find your project, or you can simply use the aai app configure --project <hash> command provided on your project page in the Dashboard.

iii. The tool will automatically detect the and and should write a alwaysai.project.json.

4. Build and Start the Application

Enter into the command line

$ aai app install

And subsequently enter

$ aai app start

Open a browser to localhost:5000 to start collecting data! Once you’re done, click the red square in the browser window to stop the app.

Your data will be in your local directory, in a folder called samples.

5. Configuration Options

To set the sample rate of the data collection, find the “SAMPLE_RATE” variable near the top of the file. The value of this variable will determine the number of frames captured per second. For example:


denotes that 5 frames per second will be used, whereas


denotes ¼ of a frame per second, or 1 frame every 4 seconds, will be used.

Note: You will not be able to capture more frames per second than your hardware is capable of capturing.

This is a simple data collection app, for more advanced sampling we recommend using third party software tools such as FFmpeg.