Command Cheat Sheet

Data Commands

Run Data Collection Starter App

$ aai app start

Merge Datasets

This is not necessary, aai dataset train will automatically merge datasets. You can merge and train multiple datasets, so long as the aggregate file size is 2 GB or less.

$ aai dataset merge <> <>

Resize a Dataset

This is not necessary, but may speed up training time, especially if training more than once, using the --continue-from-version flag.

$ aai dataset resize --target-dir <>

Training Commands

Default Training Command

$ aai dataset train --labels <label1> <label2> <label3> -- numSteps <integer> --batchSize <integer> --id <username/modelname>

Continue From Version

$ ... --continue-from-version <string> ...

Note: If you use this flag, the numSteps will be equal to the total steps your model is trained on. E.g. if you previously ran 50 steps and you want to run 50 more, you would use 100 when you use the continue-from-version flag on the second run.

Set Train/Validation Ratio

Default is 0.7

$ ... --trainValRatio <float> ...

Specify Hardware

$ ... --hardware [GPU, CPU]...

Train Using Jupyter

$ ... --jupyter ...

Post-Training Commands

Publish the Model

$ aai model publish <username/modelname>

Add (published) Model to App

$ aai model add <username/modelname>

Add (unpublished) Model to App

$ aai model add <username/modelname> --local-version <version>

Update a Model (already added to app)

$ aai models update