Use a Custom Model

In order to use your own custom model, first upload the model to the model catalog. Although your model lives in our model catalog, it will be private and only accessible by you.

Upload your model through your dashboard

Using the web interface

Using your model

Once your model is in the catalog, it can be installed just like any other model.

Add the new model to your application configuration

Navigate to your app directory and run the following command in the terminal:

$ aai app models add <username>/<modelName>

Where username is your alwaysAI username, and modelName is the name you gave the model when you uploaded it. Here’s an example:

$ aai app models add alwaysai/MyFirstModel

Update app source to use the new model

Update the class instantiation in your application source to use the new model. If you’re using an ObjectDetection model your code might look like this:

obj_detect = ObjectDetection("alwaysai/MyFirstModel")

Install the updated application on your local machine or remote device

To install locally on your development machine or to a remote device, use the command:

$ aai app install

Start the application

$ aai app start

(Optional) Remove an old model from your application configuration

If you have a previous model in your app, you can remove it from the configuration:

$ aai app models remove alwaysai/mobilenet_ssd