Starter Applications

The starter applications are a quick and easy way to begin using the alwaysAI platform after you set up your development computer.

You can add create a starter application Project on the web or you can download the starter applications via the CLI.

Create a Starter Application Project on the Web

To create a starter application Project on web, go to the Project view in your Dashboard. Select the red “+” button to launch a Create New Project wizard.

Name your project, select a category, and select “Create Project” and follow the prompts.

The new starter application project will now be available and include everything you need to run it on your Development Computer.

Download the Starter Applications Using the CLI

To get started, download all of the starter applications (unless you have already done so):

$ aai get-starter-apps

And navigate to the starter app directory of your choice:

$ cd alwaysai-starter-apps/<chosen app>

In order to run a starter applications you’ll need to configure it’s directory as a project. To do this run aai app configure from within the directory.

$ aai app configure