Using Starter Applications

The starter applications and sample Projects are a quick and easy way to begin using the alwaysAI platform after you set up your development computer.

You can add create a sample Project via your Dashboard, or you can download the starter applications via the CLI.

To create a starter application Project on web, go to the Project view in your Dashboard. Select the red ‘+ New Project’ button to launch a Create New Project wizard.

Name your project, select a category, and select “Create Project” and follow the prompts.

Note: If you choose 'Start from scratch', the Project will simply contain file stubs, which you can then fill out as described in the Working with Projects documentation.

On the resulting screen, you should see a message that your new Project was created; click the Project name to view it on your Dashboard. The new sample project will now be available and include everything you need to run it on your Development Computer.

You can use any one of our basic starter applications. To get started, download all of the starter applications (unless you have already done so) into a directory of your choice using our CLI command:

$ aai get-starter-apps

And navigate to the starter app directory of your choice:

$ cd alwaysai-starter-apps/<chosen_app>

For example, to run the Real-Time Object Detector starter application, you would use the command:

$ cd alwaysai-starter-apps/real_time_object_detector

Now you can simply configure and run your application as usual!

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