Updating Application edgeIQ Version

The edgeIQ API will be frequently updated with new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. When a new version of edgeIQ is released, it is recommended that you update your applications to the latest version. The easiest way to update your edgeIQ version to the latest is to delete the Dockerfile in the app directory and run the app configure command to generate a new Dockerfile using the latest release.

$ rm Dockerfile
$ aai app configure

If you’ve customized your Dockerfile with additional commands, then the best option is to just edit the FROM line in the Dockerfile.

For example, change:

FROM alwaysai/edgeiq:${ALWAYSAI_HW}-0.15.1


FROM alwaysai/edgeiq:${ALWAYSAI_HW}-0.16.0

Read the edgeIQ Release Notes to learn about the latest releases.