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Introducing the alwaysAI Discord Bot

By Jason Koo Aug 20, 2020

We're happy to announce the addition of the alwaysAI discord bot developed by Nathan W. and Valentine W. , and implemented by Chris Chu. This bot allows you to do 2 main things right from our Discord community:

  • Display documentation regarding models from the alwaysAI model catalog
  • Run those models against images pasted right into a Discord message

First, open a direct message with the alwaysAI Bot.

To list all models send the message:`*mhelp` which will display a list like:

Then type in a command like `*mhelp <model_name>` to get details regarding a specific model:

To run a model on an image - paste an image into the chat window and enter the text: `*model <model_name>` like so:

After a few moments the bot will return a labeled image:

And that's it. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, message us in the #general channel of the Discord community.


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By Jason Koo Aug 20, 2020