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Finding Things in an Image in Real Time on the Edge

By Jason Koo • Oct 04, 2019

Computer vision with Object detection devices means deploying straight onto SoC environments where processing happens directly on the the cloud.

A Developer’s Intro to Computer Vision Libraries

By Jason Koo • Oct 07, 2019

Developers have several computer vision libraries available to make the process of building and deploying computer vision simpler and more effective.

Computer Vision Application Development Lifecycles Explained

By Jason Koo • Oct 08, 2019

The software development cycle for computer vision remains relatively similar to many other software projects you may be more used to.

How to Run a Real-time Object Detector Starter App in Minutes

By Jason Koo • Oct 10, 2019

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps needed to get a real-time object detector up and running quickly and easily on an edge device from alwayasAI.

How to Change Computer Vision Models in the alwaysAI Platform

By Jason Koo • Oct 16, 2019

In this tutorial, we show you the steps to change the computer vision model in the alwaysAI application. In this case, we're using an object detector.

How We Built a Conference Booth Tracking App

By Jason Koo • Nov 19, 2019

We created a conference booth tracking app. Follow this demo to learn how you can create your own custom computer vision app.

alwaysAI at the 2019 AI & Big Data Expo

By Jason Koo • Dec 06, 2019

CEO Marty Beard gave a compelling talk about the benefits of computer vision, and inspired the audience to consider the use of alwaysAI platform

alwaysAI Technical Requirements Overview

By Jason Koo • Jan 15, 2020

Our dev platform fast-tracks the creation and deployment of computer vision applications on edge devices, making it easy to start building CV apps.

Using a Computer Vision Classifier to Sort Images

By Jason Koo • Mar 11, 2020

Building and using a computer vision or machine vision classifier to sort through a batch of images.

How to Quickly Create and Run a Vehicle Counting Computer Vision App

By Jason Koo • Mar 21, 2020

This tutorial builds a computer vision app that counts vehicles in real-time utilizing object counting, combining object detection and object tracking.

Deploying computer vision applications with Balena and alwaysAI

By Jason Koo • May 05, 2020

How-to guide on preparing your alwaysAI application for deploying with balena easily and quickly.

Detecting Direction of Travel

By Jason Koo • Jul 06, 2020

Architectural how-to guide for creating a computer vision app that can detect the direction of travel of objects passing in front of a fixed camera.

Speed Up Development with a JSON Configuration File

By Jason Koo • Jul 07, 2020

Speed up development and avoid bugs by modularizing code with a JSON configuration file.

Introducing the alwaysAI Discord Bot

By Jason Koo • Aug 20, 2020

We're happy to announce the addition of the alwaysAI discord bot developed by Nathan W. and Valentine W. , and implemented by Chris Chu.




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